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Add a New Dimension to Your Landscape with Hardscaping

April 20, 2021

You think that your landscaping is complete? Then what about landscaping stones. The artful application of landscaping stone could enhance the natural elements that you’ve already added such as shrubs and flowers. The aesthetic and functional use of stone can even raise the value of your property.

Without the skillful arrangement of stone and other hardscape components, even the most artistic of landscapes would lack a frame to set it off tastefully.

For some hardscape projects, you will need to combine your landscaping stone with mortar — or perhaps use concrete, brick, or tile, instead of stone. These and other variations must be considered when taking on one of the most popular hardscape projects — building a patio.
Whether composed of concrete, stone, or some other hardscape material, patios are a wonderful way to tie the indoors with the outdoors uniting house and landscape effectively and creating outdoor living spaces.

Jager - Rubino driveway circle rev

Some of the hardscape projects popular this year and obviously for years to come:
– stone fountains
– rock walls
– patio floors
– pergola columns
– foundations for gazebos
– stone foundations for porches & decks
– accent pieces for rock & water gardens
– last but not least—outdoor kitchens
Jager Landscaping can custom design a hardscape project for your property in no time at all. Call Jager Landscaping at 201-405-1033 to schedule an appointment.


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