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Wow-Worthy Landscaping Ideas for Your Home

March 24, 2021

You can make the outdoors an extension of your home with smart landscaping ideas. I would like to share some great tips for transforming your front or backyard into one of your favorite destinations. Many of our clients get their inspiration from resort destinations that they visit. 


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     A fireplace makes an outdoor living space luxurious. It’s the perfect gathering spot for all family members, whether they’re cozying up on a cool evening or roasting marshmallows.

·         If you have a smaller property and don’t want a lot of maintenance, we suggest the placement of a large flagstone walkway surrounded by large beds of flowers.

·         If you want to add some real style to your backyard, consider a sunken garden. Sure it may require some special drainage but it looks magnificent.

·         Many people find crossing over a bridge an enjoyable experience. We like to recommend designs based on how people would walk through a space. For example, creating a bridge from one patio to another near the pool.

·         When designing outdoor kitchens, it’s important to determine how the prevailing winds blow in that area. It helps determine where to safely place the stove.

·         To define a formal garden area, add a stone border in the lawn, which serves as a transition space within the landscape.

·         When designing an outdoor space, it’s important to choose plants that will thrive where you intend to put them and where they will resist the elements.

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