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Say Goodbye to Those Nasty Weeds That Wreck Your Lawn

July 25, 2014

That’s right. You can say ‘goodbye’ to those nasty weeds with these simple and easy-to-follow lawn care tips. The goal is to build a strong, healthy lawn that will naturally battle the weeds. Here are our suggestions:
Aerating the soil adds oxygen to the soil and helps water seep further down. That of course encourages more grass growth. You can rent an aerating machine or ask your landscaper to do it for you for a small fee. It’s surely worth it.
Choose the best grass for your yard. Do you have lot of shade trees? Is your lawn mostly exposed to the sun? Ask the local garden center for help or your lawn care specialist can surely recommend the correct type of grass.
Spread the new grass seeds correctly. You may not realize it but throwing too many seeds in an area can actually crowd the grass and cause more problems. Spread the seeds carefully.
Once you’ve taken the above steps, be sure to thoroughly water the new grass seeds regularly. You’d be surprised how many people ruin their lawns just because they didn’t keep a proper watering schedule.

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